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Chuanshan International Mining Co., Ltd

Chuanshan International Mining Co., Ltd. It was established in early 2012, and registered in Nairobi, Kenya. Company focusing on the management of mineral resources as the main business, Set the exploration, mining, dressing, melting, research, and trade as an organic whole, do the reasonable development and utilization of mineral resources. The diatomite resources exploitation can be up to 200000 tons, all kinds of diatomite series products production and processing can be up to 160000 tons. Company is in accordance with international mining companies benchmarking operation mode and management experience, to promote the technological progress, and implement the standardized management.

Company has 229 square kilometers of diatomite and non-metallic gem mineral resources in Kenya rift valley Baringo area. The diatomite ores silica content of the rift valley Baringo area is as high as 93%, the whiteness is as high as 90%, and the quality is much higher than domestic diatomite resources, such as produced in Jilin Changbai regions. The mining area is rich in natural resources for opencast working, the preliminary proven reserves is of ten billion tons, proven that it is the world's reserves largest diatomite mining area currently. As the new raw material base for Qingdao Chuanshan New Material Co., Ltd, it is the grounding fertile soil for the Chuanshan Jiajing, Yijia and Qingxin brands, and diatom ooze series products that used in the indoor environment purification. The diatomite of the rift valley Baringo area will be irreplaceable high-quality raw materials for building the unique Chuanshan series environmental protection products. It also makes up for the status of the domestic exhausted diatomite resources, laid a firm foundation for the development of the indoor environment purification in China.

As the mining project execution entity, the aboard international mining companies overseas has made all the necessary legal documents and certificates in Kenya, and won the unanimous support of the local government and the general public, everything goes well with the project operation.

Chuanshan International Mining Group Co., Ltd. As the investment platform of China's private enterprises Chuanshan international into the field of mineral resources, adhering to the business philosophy "Carry forward the national brand made in China", follow the international trend of environmental protection, be the national enterprise pioneer, to write the industry leader chapter.

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